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About West Malling
West Malling has a thriving commercial community, but our aim is to ensure that this is developed further and in so doing, widen our appeal to as many customers and visitors as we can and to include as wide a variety of businesses as we can into both the High Street and the surrounding areas. Largely unspoilt by modern development, West Malling was awarded Conservation Area status in recognition of its outstanding architecture. The Town Talk leaflet guides you to the main attractions including the Abbey, with its cascade painted by Turner and Douces Manor where WW II fighter pilots stationed at nearby West Malling airfield were billeted.  West Malling has also hosted a few celebrities along the way with the Beatles, We Will Meet Again and several other TV series all filmed in and around the town.

Our pubs and restaurants serve the food of at least half a dozen countries and shopkeepers are mainly small, specialised, independent traders offering a vast selection of unusual and sometimes unique products. Dozens of businesses are tucked away above shops and in rear courtyards which makes West Malling a delight to discover.  The High Street also boasts a very busy and successful monthly Farmers' Market on the FOURTH Sunday of each month which has grown into a thriving "place to be" for local producers.
Enjoy a ramble through Manor Park Country Park, or in Macey's Meadow where volunteers are restoring a traditional Kentish landscape of orchard, sheep grazing, flower meadows and woods.
A newly equipped playground and ballpark will keep the children happy and you can have a family game of cricket on the very ground where the first recorded cricket match was ever played. The 'old' £10.00 depicts the actual place that Dickens visited and which he included in The Pickwick Papers.  The countryside surrounding the town is only minutes away in any direction and a network of rural footpaths join us to several beautiful villages nestled nearby.  All of which offer some stunning scenery and historic architecture, perfect pubs for stopping for refreshments and food and canals, woods, play parks or shops to enjoy.
We have three churches, two primary schools, three playgrounds and a wide range of active clubs and societies - in particular the Malling Society, whose members have helped in the production of these notes and who hold an amazing array of photos and information about West Malling collected and recorded diligently to reflect the town now and in its early 'market' years.  Our local church bell ringers have recently broken a world record and there is always something going on.

This is a town where people get involved. Come and enjoy it!